• Proper wheel alignment is essential. Not only can misalignment wear out your tires prematurely and decrease your gas milage, it can also interfere with your car’s handling and present a safety issue.
      In a wheel alignment, we’ll adjust your vehicle’s suspension so that your tires contact the road at the proper angle. BSP Motorsports utilizes a “low car-friendly” low profile challenger locked and lighted alignment rack and state of the art John Bean V3300 aligner for all of our wheel alignment needs.
      Unlike other repair facilities who align the vehicle within the “green” area, we specialize in custom alignments ensuring each adjustable parameter matches its counterpart. We do not align a vehicle so its “good enough”, every alignment performed is done to exact specifications, going as far as installing an appropriate amount of ballast to reflect driver weight. Our alignment rack also has provisions for our corner balancing scales to be installed under each wheel of your car so we can adjust your suspension to give the vehicle your ideal weight balance. Whether you’re looking for more grip in the corners, or just trying to protect a new set of tires from accelerated wear, we have the equipment and expertise you’ve been looking for.
      • Specialized in lowered vehicles
      • Standard alignment
      • Custom alignment
      • Alignment package
      • Corner Balancing

  • When should a wheel alignment be performed?
      • If your vehicle is pulling to either side while you are driving
      • If you have recently hit a curb or debris in the road
      • If you have unusual or uneven tire wear
      • After replacing worn suspension items
      • At manufacturer-recommended intervals

At BSP we care about your car just as much as you do. We don’t just fix your car; we solve your car problems. This means we go the extra mile every time to get you to the finish line. Any shop can fix your car, but only BSP can bring your car to its glory and give it that bionic feel. It starts from the moment you enter our shop. Its clean, efficient, and staffed with hard working, experienced techs who love what they do. From there it’s all about the details, and that’s where BSP shines. Our team doesn’t skip steps and we don’t cut corners, ever.

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