Computer Diagnostics

  • Check Engine and Computer Diagnostic

    • Did you know, your vehicle is equipped with highly sophisticated computers that monitor the data coming from the car. On some cars, a blinking or red check engine light warns of a problem that needs immediate attention, while a steady yellow light signifies an issue that should be addressed soon. If multiple dashboard warning signals appear, that is another sign of an urgent problem that requires immediate investigation. If you already suspect that your car isn’t running normally, it’s time to get your vehicle looked at right away by BSP Motorsports. If your check engine light comes on and your car seems to be running normally, it could be a small problem with a simple fix. BSP usees the most state of the art diagnostic equipment that is continuously updated to stay ahead of new vehicles being produced. Snapon Modis Ultra, Lab Scopes, DVOMs, and many, many, more. The tools mentioned above are just a small list of ways we diagnosis your vehicle promptly and come up with solutions to get you back on the road.

At BSP we care about your car just as much as you do. We don’t just fix your car; we solve your car problems. This means we go the extra mile every time to get you to the finish line. Any shop can fix your car, but only BSP can bring your car to its glory and give it that bionic feel. It starts from the moment you enter our shop. Its clean, efficient, and staffed with hard working, experienced techs who love what they do. From there it’s all about the details, and that’s where BSP shines. Our team doesn’t skip steps and we don’t cut corners, ever.

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