Preventive Maintenance

  • General Auto Care and Preventative Maintenance

    It is crucial to maintain your car fluids and wear items properly. That way, you are not left with an unexpected problem that would leave you on the side of the road. While BSP Motorsports specializes in modifications, every modified car has to start somewhere, that starting point is usually a stock street car. Our experience on track gives us the extensive knowledge and expertise required to make sure your street car or daily gets the same level of attention that our race cars do. The high levels of abuse seen on a race-oriented vehicle also gives us more intricate knowledge of the vehicle systems than even the highest-rated dealerships. Whether or not your vehicle will ever see the track, BSP Motorsports can get your car problems solved right and performing as it should.
      • Maintenance packages
      • Timing belt & water pump
      • Battery, alternator, starter
      • Brakes
      • Suspension
      • Spark plugs
      • Brake system flush
      • Coolant flush
      • Transmission & Differential
At BSP we care about your car just as much as you do. We don’t just fix your car; we solve your car problems. This means we go the extra mile every time to get you to the finish line. Any shop can fix your car, but only BSP can bring your car to its glory and give it that bionic feel. It starts from the moment you enter our shop. Its clean, efficient, and staffed with hard working, experienced techs who love what they do. From there it’s all about the details, and that’s where BSP shines. Our team doesn’t skip steps and we don’t cut corners, ever.

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