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We treat every car like it’s a high performance vehicle! 

We offer a wide range of services – both on the road and the race track. From Preventive Maintenance and Alignments to Engine Upgrades, Electrical Diagnostic, Driveline Upgrades, Suspension Component Install and Setup, Fabrication, Race Prep and Track Support.

But by far our specialty is customer satisfaction and surpassing customer’s expectations! Bring your car in today and let us show you what we are all about.

Below are some of our

Many Auto Repair Services :

Backed by Our Garanteed Workmanship ( 90 days / 3000 mile warranty )

It is crucial to maintain and care for the vehicles that do so much for us. Wether it is running or not, we are here to help. From general maintanence to full engine swaps, we do whatever it takes to get you from point A to B.

Services Alignment


Proper wheel alignment is essential. Not only can misalignment wear out your tires prematurely and decrease your gas mileage, it can also interfere with your car’s handling and present a
safety issue.

Services Prevenative Maint

Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance packages, Oil Changes, Timing Belt, Water Pump, Battery, Alternator, Starter, Suspension, Spark Plugs, Brake System Flush, Coolant Flush, Transmission, Differential, OEM Parts Replacement

Computer Diagnostics

BSP uses the most state of the art diagnostic equipment that is continuously updated to stay ahead of new vehicles being produced.

Services Brakes


Regularly check your brakes for wear and tear, and be sure to keep your ears up for the sound of squeaky brakes wearing down.

Services Performances


Want a little pep in your step in your daily driver, weekend playtoy, performance
machine, then BSP Motorsports is the right place for you and your vehicle.

Services Suspension


Did you know, a faulty Suspension system can add to alignment issues and greatly impact your braking distance, making for a very bumpy ride?

Services Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Having problems with your A/C or heating systems? Don’t get heated, keep your cool and come in for a professional diagnostics test.

Custom Fabrication

Have you been looking for custom fabrications? At BSP we partner with you to create custom dreams into real perfection.

Is your vehicle not running?
Dont worry, We’ll fix it!

We partner with some of the best local towing companies that can help you
get your vehicle to us for the love and attention it deserves.

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